Keep for Life

by Rosey Dust

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Perpetually flowing between the meticulous melodies of dream pop and the casual excesses of slacker rock, Rosey Dust is the brainchild of versatile song-writer Kevin Klausen.

Born and raised in Los Angeles, Klausen first made a name for himself in the Bay Area as leader of the industrious freak-punk band, Dealer. Discontented within the confines prescribed by heavy music, he began exploring a back catalogue of neglected material. Gentler in spirit, dynamically complex and lyrically vulnerable, this new work consumed him. He demoed the songs on a 4-track within a few short months, and the warm reception received by the resulting cassette—aptly titled "Basement Demos"—inspired him to form a band. This first live version of Rosey Dust—featuring Kyle LaFave on second guitar, Josh Van Geem on bass, and Jacob Bradford on drums—would go on to play a handful of shows up and down the coast before embarking upon Rosey Dust’s debut studio effort, "Keep for Life", in the summer of 2018

Engineered and guided along by legendary rocker, Tim Green, "Keep for Life" is "Basement Demos" expanded. Consisting mostly of the same songs, it is the unique styles of the conscripted players that make this album something different—LaFave’s atmospheric, intentional guitar playing, grazing against Klausen’s own more aggressive approach, both effortlessly coalesce with Van Geems spirited, jazzy inflections and are fortified by Bradford’s competent drumming to paint a shimmering, new sonic landscape. “She’s the One” kicks off like a chill summer jam straight out of Kurt Vile’s playbook, if only J. Mascis were ripping solos. There’s “Somebody New”, a heartbreaking, minimalist dirge; “Keep for Life”, a true to form power pop opus in the style of Cheap Trick or Big Star, if either went heavy on the fuzz; and “Infinite Splendor”, a vast, whimsical dreamscape, submerged in reverb and imbued with a euphoric sort of loneliness we’ve all at one point surely known but would have struggled to describe.

Side B juxtaposes harder songs like “Don’t Be Gone Soon” and “Velvet Charmer”—together lurching forward with the poppy recklessness of the Replacements or Teenage Fanclub—with breezier songs like “Heart of Stone”—nearly an outlier in its folky, psychedelic virtue—and the album’s devastating acoustic finale, “Rainbow Glare”. Weaving its way through everything is Klausen’s laid back, albeit compassionate, drawl, recounting themes of emptiness, ephemeral human relationships, and a deep desire for the narcotic perks of an apathetic worldview. These meditations culminate only with a deepening realization that none of life’s big questions will ever be answered; that we’re just ebbing along a surging tide of unpredictable circumstance, striving merely not to drown.

Through an ever-shifting backdrop of cities, band members and a steady dose of heartache, Klausen’s split artistic personality remains at it’s core the essence of Rosey Dust— a hard rock guitar player at heart, torn between a love of lush, overproduced pop music and the bare honesty of a plug-in-and-play punk rock upbringing. Rosey Dust is at once laissez-fare and extremely serious, hopeless yet blissfully resigned to fate. Perhaps the closing lines of “Infinite Splendor,” set above its oceanic delay and roaring solos, capture this at best: “And I stare, toward anywhere. Until I care. Just breathe. Just breathe the air, until I’ve had my share. Of all this world’s infinite splendor. Win or lose I’ll feel the same.”


released December 27, 2019

Recorded by Tim Green at Louder Studios in Grass Valley, CA. August 2018.

Mastered by Will Killingsworth at Dead Air Studios.

Cover photo by Dan Crayonton

Kevin Klausen - guitar, vocals
Kyle LaFave - guitar
Joshua Van Geem - bass, backing vocals
Jacob Bradford - drums

All songs by Kevin Klausen.

Gulcher Records 2019


all rights reserved



Rosey Dust Portland, Oregon

Dreamy bedroom pop with a dad rock edge. DEBUT FULL LENGTH "KEEP FOR LIFE" OUT NOW! All inquiries:

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Track Name: She's the One
She’s the one, wrapped in a flame
Need only know her essence
Need only know her name
Since I’ve been gone, I can see her face
And I can feel her pain
Gold country sun melt this frozen rain

Here I’m plain. I could start out new for you
I could run. I could be born again
Into the arms of a friend
Together we can ascend

Has your world stopped since I’ve been away?
Trust I’ve learned my lesson
Trust I’m here to stay
‘Cause with your hand in mine
I can see no hate, and I can feel no pain
All the tears now lost
So many years to reclaim

Rake my brain, for the perfect view for two
High above. Beyond all worldly restraint.
Here we could have everything.
Here we could have everything.
Track Name: Somebody New
Gaze sinking in, got your head hanging low
Once thought I was something, now boy don’t it show

Still news to me
Cast into shadows, shrouded in mystery
I’m changing, its true
Become somebody new

In a new leather coat, you’d look good anywhere
Leave your face at the door, you won’t need it out there
Soon you'll vanish through the rosey dust
My dosey heart will slowly rust

No clues to see
Shreds of anonymity, adrift in open sea
I’m dreaming, it’s true
You’re somebody new
Track Name: Keep for Life
What a lovely lady, did you hear her say?
She hasn’t got a clue, she can’t find her way
Oh it’s so easy just to make her cry
Don’t wanna treat her bad,
don’t wanna tell her lies

Someday a million miles will come between us
Someday her kiss won’t feel the same
Still I wouldn't dare to ask her why
Honey do it, I can’t go through it
I ain’t even gonna try

So if you go, baby do it now
Sometimes I’d like to leave ya
Then glad I don’t know how
You see your mind is sharp and it cuts me
like a knife
So take a piece of me, baby
Take a piece of me that you can keep for life
All you can keep for life
All you can keep for life
But you can’t keep me for life

Even if I ran could never hide from you,
'Cause to my every thought, you have the perfect view
Despite those bright lights calling,
I think I’ll stay for awhile.
Do I lose more sleep tonight?
Oh do I lose my way only to see you smile?
I love to see you smile
I love to see you smile
I’ll be a friend of denial
Track Name: Infinite Splendor
Voices hide in scattered glass
they call your name each time I pass
through perfect blue eternity
where desert crumbles to the sea

There’s me
waiting on a distant dream
fading into a distant scene
and there you gleam
So may the world always remember
you and I were one the same

The kids are all so older now
once always smiled and never frowned
A perfect beauty in my care
beneath the skin, see only bones

and I stare
toward anywhere
until I care
just breathe
just breathe the air
until I’ve had my share
of all the world’s infinite splendor
Win or lose, I’ll feel the same
Track Name: Don't Be Gone Soon
Seems the days are so long lately
System so hard to appease
See no clear end in sight to the wind nor rain
Shots put your poor soul at ease
All people talk so bitter
All lying just to please
Were there an imperfect cure for this perfect pain
Would you sell your soul for a piece?

Seems your skin’s so white now
Always your eyes are closed
Each night out seems so innocent
So every story goes
Still it shows every memory that you’ve ever known,
One stray shot could destroy
Don’t be gone so soon, could be that life is a joy.

Each day our shadows grow starker now
Try to resist it in vain
But when you’re gone, where the sun shines
Your love leaves only a stain
All people talk so bitter
All lying just to please
Were there an imperfect cure for this perfect pain
I’d sell my soul for a piece


Na na, na na na na. Na na na na na na na etc….
Track Name: Heart of Stone
Please believe me, please believe my lies
For surely you will die from the surprise
If the feeling it ain’t true,
it don’t mean these nights ain’t cold
Is it all for the love of a woman,
or just the fear I’m growing old?
Because I fear I’m growing old.

You can take a look inside of me,
but I’m afraid there’s nothing there.
Girl your blue eyes lose their beauty
behind that deadly vacant stare
I’m forever bonded to this guitar,
and that we both can’t deny.
Seems all I can provide’s the blues,
and girl I hate to see you cry
You know I hate to see you cry

So as the new day rises, again I’m on my own
Hot coffee in my whiskey
helps melt my heart of stone
And if I should have news for you
recall that last goodbye
Know all I can provide’s the blues
And girl I hate to see you cry
Yeah I hate to see you cry

I’ll just be getting by
I’ll just be getting high…
Track Name: Velvet Charmer
Velvet charmer, again I’m caught in your stare
Know she’s my baby, and she ain’t going nowhere
Once I was a bad son, yes all the stories are true
Change comes at a cost
And girl I’m changing for you

Shouldn’t talk at all, I shouldn’t even care
Home is on four wheels and I can live anywhere
Still this world ain’t got a clue
Could I stand it without you?
Oh it feels inside I’m dying as I’m split in two

No point searching when there ain’t nothing to find
All these years of sinking, can gladly leave those behind
Since I discovered I need you, since I discovered I care
To take the chance on losing you, now honey I wouldn’t dare
Since I discovered you need me, since I discovered you care
Everything can now hurt me, your love is all I can bear
Still seems I took it for granted, the way you treated me kind
Oh I always shoulda had my eyes on you, but honey I was so blind

Oo Oo Oo Oo! Oo Oo Oo Oo! Oo Oo Oo Oo!

Still this world ain’t got a clue
Could I stand it without you?
Oh it feels inside I’m dying as I’m split in two
Oh it feels inside I’m dying…
Track Name: Rainbow Glare
Through waterfalls and rainbow glare
I look into the sun and stare

It don’t hurt at all
it don’t hurt at all
It can’t hurt to fall
I’ll feel nothing at all

No point to fear
I’m not to hide
just ebb along electric tide

For oh, overall
don’t you feel so small?
It can’t hurt to fall
You’ll feel nothing at all

With empty palms, just scarlett wine
We’ll travel back so far in time

And oh, overall
Oh I feel so small
It can’t hurt to fall
I feel nothing at all

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